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Bed Bug Detection Dogs

At ABC Pest Control, we are Sydney’s only bed bug control company that utilise the latest bed bug detection dogs.

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to locate especially in the early stages of their life when their skin is almost completely transparent. Most bed bug detection experts only have an average 30% success rate when try to detect bed bugs in the Blue Mountains area.

But now the latest technology has arrived and we are the first bed bug control company in Blue Mountains to use bed bug sniffer dogs. Detection or ‘sniffer’ dogs can usually be seen working alongside law enforcement of customs to detect or sniff drugs and illegal substances.

At ABC Pest Control, we have specifically trained bed bug detection dogs that have been trained from a young age to detect the scent of bed bugs. Just from recent studies, our bed bug detection dogs have been averaging a 98% accuracy rate when locating bed bugs in the Blue Mountains area. This is more than triple the success rate of a qualified bed bug professional.

Here are some benefits of using bed bug detection dogs in the Blue Mountains

  1. Much Quicker Results
  2. 65% More Accurate
  3. Proven Results
  4. Effective and Affordable Solution
  5. Much Safer Then Pesticides
  6. Easily Pinpoint The Nest of Bed Bugs
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The main benefit of using bed bug detection dogs is that the dogs can utilise their heightened sense of smell to differentiate between dead and live bed bugs as well as being able to locate bed bug eggs.

When one of our bed bug detection dogs enters your Blue Mountains home with his skilled handler, they will both proceed to give a thorough inspection of your entire home waiting for any reaction from the dog.

Once the bed bug detection dog has located the bed bug infestation it’s easy from there and our licensed and experienced bed bug control experts will be able to treat the area effectively.

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Bed Bug Detection Dogs
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